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2023 Charity Walk and Education Awareness Campaign

With faint voices of over 20.2 million out-of-school children crying for help every day but no one comes to their rescue. At IA-Foundation, through our advocacy, community sensitization and stakeholders engagement, we will not only amplify the voices of these out-of-school children, but we will be their voice also.

Last week, we took to the streets of Lagos, and walked from Ikeja under bridge to the Lagos State House of Assembly to demand for out-of-school children’s right to quality education. We appealed to passersby and members of the communities we passed through to enroll their children in school. We offered to help, if the come to us.

During the walk, we spotted a 12 year old boy selling handkerchief when his mates were in school. We bought off his handkerchiefs, and followed him to his father’s shop. The boy was very willing to go into school after completing Basic 6, but the father was very reluctant.

Watch this video to understand more.

We are following up on the child and will let you know as soon as we have more updates.

Through your donation, you can amplify the voices of out-of-school children until their voices is heard and every child gets an opportunity to get quality Education.

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